January 2020 Off Mains Drainage Rules ChangeContinuing the series of video FAQs where off-mains drainage consultant Mark Ward talks about the important January 2020 Off Mains Drainage Rules Change

Video Transcript – January 2020 Off Mains Drainage Rules Change

Mark Ward: “January 2020 is an important date in the off-mains sector. The Envirnoment Agency have imposed some legislation changes, which simply means that if you have a septic tank that’s discharging to a water course, a stream or ditch; then that needs to stop and it needs to be upgraded to a proper sewage treatment system.

Often people don’t realise they’ve got an issue until the survey is conducted. Obviously any potential buyer will need to make sure they’re not taking on a property that’s got a system that’s no longer going to comply.”

For More Information

Read the Government Guidelines here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/general-binding-rules-small-sewage-discharge-to-a-surface-water

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January 2020 Off Mains Drainage Rules Change



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