why choose ward environmental servicesContinuing the series of video FAQs where off-mains drainage consultant Mark Ward explains all about off mains drainage and the various details therein. In this video, Mark explains why you should choose Ward Environmental Services when you need help and advice with your off-mains drainage issues.

Video Transcript – Why choose Ward Environmental Services?

Mark Ward: “As a company, we are specialists in the off-mains sector, so this is all we do. I’ve been in the industry for over 32 years, so having come from a manufacturing background, I understand the products in terms of how they are put together; the reasons why we would use certain types of systems and different applications.

We offer he complete service from initial survey, right through to actually carrying out the work, all the way through to final commissioning. So we can effectively deliver a complete turnkey solution.

We also deal with building control to ensure that the legislation is all adhered to, and indeed the Environment Agency, to make sure that what you discharge is legal to your particular site.”

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You can also check out our case studies, where we show a few examples of recently completed off-mains drainage projects throughout the  Southeast of England.

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