Off mains drainage home buyers survey explainedContinuing the series of video FAQs where off-mains drainage consultant Mark Ward explains all about off mains drainage and the various details therein. In this video, Mark explains the off mains drainage home buyers survey and why you need a specialist rather than getting your general home buyer surveyor to do it.

Video Transcript – Off mains drainage home buyers survey explained

Can’t I just get my house surveyor to do this?

Mark Ward: “When you are looking to purchase a property, you will have had a surveyor in, to conduct a survey on the property. They should identify that the house is not connected to the main drainage and typically they would then put in their report ‘seek specialist advice‘.

So that’s where we would come in to offer a home buyer survey JUST for the off mains drainage sector. That aspect is purely related to the septic tank or sewage system serving the property, but nothing else to do with the house.”

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